Sales consulting and coaching enables small business growth in revenue and profits

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Sales consulting and coaching helps you grow your small business revenue and profits. Let us help you grow your sales revenue and profit margin. At Winning Proposals our mission is to make you and your business successful with a mix of consulting and coaching services.

Our mission is to make you and your business more successful.  Our business model is designed to create shared vision with coherent strategy.  We bring  drive, focus and passion to energise you to achieve your goals.

I started Winning Proposals to help small businesses. My background includes starting and growing a successful small technology integration business.  We  grew to 15 people and $1M in sales over 5 years. I then worked for several large corporates in the technology sector selling and delivering projects and managed services across Europe before starting Winning Proposals.

As a twenty something  entrepreneur I realised that having passion for your product or service in not enough. You have to be able to take on challenges outside of your comfort zone including selling. The best advocate of your business  is you but so often it is hard for the founder to fully appreciate their own value proposition.

I give you a helicopter view  to help you establish a product/service fit with your target markets and help you  guide market entry and growth and go on to build a robust funnel coaching, prospecting, qualifying, bidding, selling and closing.

We are your sounding board!

We want to understand you,  your business and your people. We will work with you totally flexibly, as a simple sounding board to fully sharing risks and rewards. As a  true partnership.

We bring;  end to end business experience, from “lead to cash”, multifunctional insights into business problems, proven tools and methodologies, intensity and focus to achieve shared goal, impartiality, objectivity and directedness, extensive network of specialists.



We will help you with; business analysis and benchmarking, growth planning,  proposal development and management, sales management and operations, performance coaching, sales centricity.  We will show you where you are doing great and where the business can be improved.