Let us help you grow your sales revenue and profit margin

Winning Proposals consults with small to medium size (SME) businesses to understand their top challenges.  Revenue and profit growth is invariably near the top of the list. Selling strategy, sales logic, tactics, pricing, competitive positioning and methods are often at the root of the growth challenge but many times the block to success is not your product, not your client but YOU! Which is where our coaching services comes in.

Quotations and Proposals are just part of the sales process. Are your Prospects ready to buy, able to buy and most importantly willing to buy from you? We will work with you to build and analyse your sales funnel, qualify your opportunities, review your performance management processes with one thing in mind – increasing your win rate, driving up your sales revenue and profit margin. Where you have breakthrough opportunities we will help you build the sales strategy and tactics to close.

Do you have the tools? Do your people know how to use them. We will look at your sales processes and make sure they are fit for purpose. In a growing company it is important to think ahead but not to introduce more sales friction than necessary.

If you are not winning business do you know the root cause? Pricing, reputation, responsiveness to prospects and clients. positioning vs your competition, your sales proposition, etc. Sometimes an objective outsider can help you see the bigger picture.

Your Sales Helper offers tips for making you more successful and this is a forum for you to interact with us to brainstorm those difficult sales situations.

I hope you find the site useful, Please feel free to feedback  or link to us.

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