Our Approach to Pricing

Uniquely in the consulting and coaching market we have several very flexible pricing models that allow you to “Pay As You Grow”.  We believe that we should have “skin the game”.  We will find the heart beat of your business and what makes you standout and  help you put a value proposition around it that sets you apart or build a campaign with you to take it to market.

We understand that in the startup or relaunch phase you may not have cashflow to support consulting services so we have provided several models to smooth your path to growth. Your success is Ours!

We offer:

  • Daily Rate
  • Assignment based Fixed Price
  • Payment on Results
  • Risk / Reward

We believe that the most beneficial projects come where our staff embed in your organisation and are allowed to understand the challenges from the inside out. This requires partnering at the highest level and developing significant levels of trust. Typically over the lifecycle of our engagement you will benefits from all of the above.