Our Services

  • Goals,  Analysis and Benchmarking – The starting point for any assignment is goal setting and situation analysis. This will ensure that you go on to not only “do things right” but also “do the right things”.   Using data, interviews with prospects, customers and staff to understand where the constraints to market penetration and growth are and if  the “success enablers”  are in place.
  • Growth Planning – Facilitated sessions with key stakeholders to build a robust sales forecast and business development plan endorsed by the team and underwritten by the Executive Stakeholders. This sales forecast is a critical building block, the foundation for CAPEX and OPEX spending for the business.
  • Proposal Development and Management – Winning proposals is at the centre of the sales process. It’s where the knowledge of the opportunity, the prospect or customer, the product and “delivery” converge, set against the backdrop of the market, competition and price points. Increasing your efficiency and effectiveness in this area will energise growth.
  • Sales Management and Operations – Implementation of a frictionless sales process addressing recruitment, training, processes, systems and tools to deliver the sales forecast. This will include review of compensation arrangements, targets and incentives, benchmarking and performance management.
  • Performance Coaching – Every company aspires to create High Performing Sales Teams that customers love to work with, which always meet their targets and who integrate seamlessly into the company. This service identifies success blockers that are preventing a sales person achieve their own potential or limiting the team.
  • Sales Centricity – A high performance sales team need a common vocabulary and a sales aware environment to achieve their potential. This service enables the sales team to articulate its needs to key stakeholders and develop maximum synergies while putting the customer at the centre of the business.